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Irrigation Rotating Screens

2x4 Screen 4x4 Screen Aluminum Flat Screen Aluminum Drum Screen

First Street Welding, Inc. in Idaho Falls has been manufacturing our Irrigation Rotating Screens since the early 1960's. These screens are designed to filter the water from a lake, pond, canal or ditch before it enters your irrigation system. The possibility of your irrigation system's pipes, nozzles and/or sprayers becoming plugged is greatly reduced because most of the sticks, moss, grass, leaves and other trash is eliminated. All models pump water back through an inside spray bar and nozzles to keep the screen clean with a flat spray back through the screen. We make many models for numerous applications and of course, we can custom build to your specifications.

The most popular (and our oldest) models are the 2X4 and 4X4. The 2X4 can filter 3000 gallons per minute through a two foot long by four foot diameter drum. The 4X4 can filter 6000 gallons per minute through a four foot long by four foot diameter drum. The drum is covered with a stainless steel screen that looks a lot like a very strong window screen. They may either hang on a concrete wall or slide into a concrete box. Our Concrete Drawing can be used to create a box for what we call a Standard Slide screen.

We also make a floating screen model. This model is made to float in a lake, pond or canal with its piping to the inlet of your irrigation system either under or above the water line. These also can follow your irrigation system back and forth along a canal or even a shore line. The drum and screen size is determined by the size of your irrigation system.

Our newest models, the Aluminum Flat Screen and the Aluminum Drum Screen, are made to be used in areas where space is an issue. These screens are made to mount into the Old Castle Pre Cast (Amcor) sump concrete box but can be modified to work in almost any situation.

All of our models may be powered by a 440-220 three-phase or a 220-110 single phase motor. The motor is connected to a gearbox and pulley with a v-belt rotating the drum and screen. We use a belt so that if debris stops the drum and screen from rotating, the belt will slip rather than the motor and gearbox being damaged.

Irrigators around the world have found these screens to be very effective. We not only have screens operating throughout the United States but in a number of other countries as well.

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